Rapid City/Black Hawk

ALL SEASONS PET CARE Rapid City (Peaceful Pines Road Location) on 9 acres in the country, is close to Rapid City and Black Hawk, and is very modern, accommodating and offers something for all activity levels.   The highly active and athletic pets, can make good use of our huge (72'x60') indoor arena.  Our staff is often seen involved in a great game of catch with a ball or frisbee.  Nature walks or jogs with a caring staff member lasts about 15 to 20 minutes and, yes, there is a creek and horses on the property and for some reason dogs love to look at horses.  For the moderately active pet, a slow walk may be your choice or we can do a game of tug-of-war, or hide 'n' seek with a favorite toy.  Maybe your pet just likes to play on his own or go roaming in one of our large fenced yards.  If your pet is a senior, disabled, or has special needs, our expertly trained staff provides lots of love, compassion and one-on-one attention and any medical attention that may be required.



All Seasons Pet Care Piedmont is a modern facility nestled at the edge of the Black Hills on 13 partially wooded acres with a creek and a lovely setting. Still close to Rapid City, Sturgis and all of the favorite attractions without the confinements or limitations of a town or city.


All Seasons Pet Care Rapid City offers a very nice feature in the winter time, as the floors inside are heated.  Young and old alike enjoy the wonderful benefits of heated floors.  Each suite has its very own resting bench and we have wonderful beds for small dogs so for those few (we don't know of any yet!) wanting off the warm floor in the winter there is always a choice.  We offer Central Air Conditioning in the summer and Ceiling Fans year 'round for gentle, quiet air circulation.

The private indoor suite size at Rapid City is large at 4 ft. x 6 ft. with each having a connecting private outdoor patio of 4 ft x 12 ft for fresh air and exercise, or to just enjoy the great outdoors.  Rapid City has two oversized VIP suites available.  These VIP suites have raised beds as well as their own private outside Patio / Exercise / Play area.  The private play area for these suites is huge at 200 sq. ft. outside.  Book early -- they reserve fast.  Unless the weather is cold or too hot, all guests have free access to go in and out at their discretion.       

If your pet is shy, extremely quiet, and just does not like other doggie neighbors, we have the perfect suite for them too.  We will choose a suite that offers outdoor patios with privacy from the dog next door.  This way your pet will not be intimidated by a larger dog or more boisterous pet.

Private indoor suites with connecting outdoor covered patios and Indoor suites' sizes are some of the largest in the area at 32 sq.ft. with each having its own connecting outdoor covered patio of 120 sq.ft.  The safety dividers outside consist of 1-1/4 inch safety mesh chain link and the dogs love it.  Unless the weather is too cold or too hot, the guests have free access to go in and out at their discretion.  The fun is that the guests here can see their neighbor outside but not inside so it becomes a game of hide and seek.  This design allows the pets to socialize with each other through the fence, run and play but have the protection of a fence as a divider.  It is a little noisy sometimes, but what fun they have!  


The outdoor covered runs also offer protection when it rains, and lots of extra shade in the summer even though the canine guests are spoiled with air conditioning during hot months.  When the seasons change and winter arrives, this facility offers a very modern and efficient form of heat known as Cove Heat.  This type of heat is radiant and feels like sunshine, thus heating the floors, walls, resting benches, etc.  Ceiling fans also circulate the air quietly when needed.


Pet activities offered include, but are not limited to, 15 to 20 minute Nature Walks (we do limit the amount of time for chasing the turkeys, the deer and nose-to-nose time with the horses), one-on-one play times with a staff member in our fenced exercise areas, or some guests like to just snoop around in our exercise areas on their own.  Senior pets, shy or small dogs who just want to be loved on and cuddled and just do their own thing enjoy the indoor privacy and we often keep the less active dogs in one area of the facility but still separate from each other for safety reasons. 24 Hr Care is available as the the owner resides on the property.