Cat Boarding


The Felines' apartments at Piedmont are just over 3-1/2 wide, 3 feet tall, and 2-1/2 feet deep, with one jump they can enjoy being right beside our receptionist and demand attention when the need arises.  The fronts are wire to allow proper air flow.  There is natural light through the main entry door and window.


At Rapid City there is a private Kitty room with single- and multi-level cat condos.  The condos are wire mesh for wonderful air flow.  The multi-level condos are approximately 3 ft wide, 2 ft deep and 4 ft tall.  There are 2 jumps in addition to the floor level.   The single condos are 3 ft wide 2 ft deep and just over 2 ft tall, with one jump.  The main level of both designs are decorated with a rug and litter box.  The Cattery features 2 windows directly to the outside for natural light and one viewing window into the lobby.  Many of our feline guests also enjoy a play time or cuddle time.