Doggy Day Care

All Seasons offers a commonsense alternative for dogs and their owners that want day care but done safely. Remember the old saying DOG IS MAN’S BEST FRIEND. 

Dog Day care is great because you have worked all day and you do not have to go home and feel guilty that your dog has been alone all day or in his or her crate for the day. You can instead pick up your dog, and after a quick greeting go home and your dog is generally content for the rest of the evening.  Dogs should not be at home alone all day, but the reality is that dogs do like nap time with the average dog sleeping somewhere between 16 and 18 hours over a 24 hour period.

Our Pet Care Specialist will not have your dog with other dogs that can leave him or her overly tired when he/she goes home.  For Day Care fun at All Seasons Pet Care, your dog enjoys an environment that’s not frantic, busy, or having to challenge other dogs constantly for space, toys, or human attention.  Our Pet Care Specialist will play one on one with your dog take your dog on a nature walk and make sure your dog has a great stress free day with a human.


All Seasons Pet Care prides itself on being a leader – not a follower – when it comes to Dog Day Care. We always strive to offer the best and the safest care for your pet.   Dog Day Care should be a positive adventure for your pet; however group play is not for every dog or every owner. Each year thousand of dogs sustain injuries, some severe and even death at dog day care facilities in group play.  There are also health and virus issues as most dog day cares have communal water bowls.  Young employees with little or no dog behavior experience supervising 20 to 50 dogs or more is commonplace.  It is no wonder serious accidents happen as this an industry with virtually no regulations or requirements.  Anyone can open up a Doggy Day Care.

It truly breaks my heart when a dog, and there are way too many, comes to us for grooming or day care that has only 3 legs, 1 eye or was 4 months old when her pelvis was broken by a larger dog. We have been told way to many stories.  We believe there may be some very good day care facilities, but it is up to the owner to verify and stop by on a busy day for a tour and please do your research asking those employees questions about health and safety not to mention how much training and experience they have.  How many dogs do they allow in a group?  Make a list before you go and do your homework.  In the mean time Dog Day Care is always safe and Fun for everyone at All Seasons Pet Care.