Day Care

All Seasons Pet Care prides itself on being a leader – not a follower – when it comes to Day Care. We always strive to offer the best and the safest care for your pet.

Day care is great because you have worked all day and you do not have to go home and feel guilty that your pet has been alone all day or in his or her crate for the day. You can instead pick up your pet, and after a quick greeting go home and your pet is generally content for the rest of the evening.

Pets should not be at home alone all day, but the reality is that dogs do like nap time with the average dog sleeping somewhere between 16 and 18 hours over a 24 hour period.

Our Day Care will not have your dog with other dogs that can leave him overly tired when he goes home. For Day Care fun, your dog enjoys an environment that’s not frantic, busy, or having to challenge other dogs constantly for space, toys, or human attention.