Dog Boarding

Rapid City/Black Hawk

Our Rapid City (Peaceful Pines) location is located on 9 acres in the country.  Comfort for both dogs and cats while they are boarding with us.

It is modern, clean and offers something for all activity levels.  Staff can play Frisbee or catch with pets; 15-20 minute walks surrounded by trees, horses, deer, etc.  Or your pet can just explore the outside areas at their own pace.

For your pets’ comfort we have heated floors in wintertime/  Additionally we have air condioning/ceiling fans in summerand  Kuranda beds to keep pets off the floor for better air circulation.

The private indoor boarding suite size at Rapid City is large at 4 ft. x 6 ft. with each having a connecting private outdoor patio of 4 ft x 12 ft for fresh air and exercise.

For those who want comfort and privacy for their pets, we have two oversized VIP suites .  Amenities include raised beds as well as a private outside Patio / Exercise / Play area…huge at 200 sq. ft. outside.

Depending on weather our boarding guests are free to spend time either indoors or outdoors.

Regular suites have fencing, providing privacy from the dog next door so your pet will not be intimidated by a larger or more boisterous pet.


All Seasons Pet Care Piedmont is a modern facility nestled at the edge of the Black Hills on 13 partially wooded acres with a creek and a lovely setting.

Private indoor suites for boarding, with connecting outdoor covered patios . Indoor suites’ sizes are some of the largest in the area at 32 sq.ft. with each having its own connecting outdoor covered patio of 120 sq.ft.

Depending on the weather, the guests have free access to go in and out at their discretion.  The fun is that the boarding guests here can see their neighbor outside but not inside so it becomes a game of hide and seek.  This design allows the pets to socialize with each other through the fence, run and play but have the protection of a fence as a divider.  It is a little noisy sometimes, but what fun they have!

For more comfort, the outdoor covered runs also offer protection when it rains, and lots of extra shade in the summer – even though the canine guests are spoiled with air conditioning during hot months.  When winter arrives, this facility offers radiant heat.

While your pet is boarding, activities offered include, but are not limited to, 15 to 20 minute Nature Walks (we do limit the amount of time for chasing the turkeys, the deer and nose-to-nose time with the horses), one-on-one play times with a staff member in our fenced exercise areas, or some guests like to just snoop around in our exercise areas on their own.

Cat Boarding

The Felines' apartments at Piedmont are just over 3-1/2 wide, 3 feet tall, and 2-1/2 feet deep, with one jump they can enjoy being right beside our receptionist and demand attention when the need arises.  The fronts are wire to allow proper air flow.  There is natural light through the main entry door and window.

At Rapid City there is a private Kitty room with single- and multi-level cat condos.  The condos are wire mesh for wonderful air flow.  The multi-level condos are approximately 3 ft wide, 2 ft deep and 4 ft tall.  There are 2 jumps in addition to the floor level.   The single condos are 3 ft wide 2 ft deep and just over 2 ft tall, with one jump.  The main level of both designs are decorated with a rug and litter box.  The Cattery features 2 windows directly to the outside for natural light and one viewing window into the lobby.  Many of our feline guests also enjoy a play time or cuddle time.

Day Care

All Seasons Pet Care prides itself on being a leader – not a follower – when it comes to Day Care. We always strive to offer the best and the safest care for your pet.

Day care is great because you have worked all day and you do not have to go home and feel guilty that your pet has been alone all day or in his or her crate for the day. You can instead pick up your pet, and after a quick greeting go home and your pet is generally content for the rest of the evening.

Pets should not be at home alone all day, but the reality is that dogs do like nap time with the average dog sleeping somewhere between 16 and 18 hours over a 24 hour period.

Our Day Care will not have your dog with other dogs that can leave him overly tired when he goes home. For Day Care fun, your dog enjoys an environment that’s not frantic, busy, or having to challenge other dogs constantly for space, toys, or human attention.


ASPC Grooming and Styling Centers are rated # 1 in the area.  Our stylists pride themselves in giving each client and their pet the individual, and personal attention they deserve. No daily quotas as is common especially with larger chain type grooming establishments. Our stylists have lots of time, love and patience for each pet.

As the owner of All Seasons Pet Care and a Professional Grooming Instructor for over 30 years our policy of quality grooming does not endorse gimmicks such as vacuuming pets, Furminators, Pedipaws etc. These type of gimmicks often cause damage to hair follicles, guard hairs, and contribute to skin problems.   We take a limited number of appointments each day in order to maintain a calm, stress free environment which is the next best thing to home.  Keep in mind you may have to wait during holidays and summer months to get that appointment even though we try our best to do some walk-ins or last minute appointments.  We suggest you schedule ahead.